Sferes_v2 – documentation

Sferes_v2 is a generic framework for evolutionary computation research. It provides the basic infrastructure to implement new evolution algorithms and new repesentations. The framework is voluntarily kept simple (less than 5000 lines of code).

Main features:

  • modern, effective C++ (C++11)
  • multi-core support (via Intel TBB)
  • MPI support (via boost::mpi)
  • main algorithms: NSGA-II, MAP-Elites (Quality Diversity)
  • native support of behavioral diversity and novelty search

Additional modules:

  • nn2: neuro-evolution
  • fastsim: 2D simulator for mobile robot (e.g. Khepera or roomba)


Sferes_v2 is currently licensed with a CeCILL License (equivalent to GPL-v2). If you use Sferes_v2 in a scientific paper, please cite:

Mouret, J.-B. and Doncieux, S. (2010). SFERESv2: Evolvin’ in the Multi-Core World. WCCI 2010 IEEE World Congress on Computational Intelligence, Congress on Evolutionary Computation (CEC). Pages 4079–4086. {pdf}

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